At dhurriewala, all our dhurries are uniquely designed and only a single piece is woven. The dhurries are made with certified organic cotton which is hand-dyed using natural pigments made from pomegranate peels, eucalyptus leaves, indigo, to name a few. All the dyeing is done by a charitable trust which teaches and gives employment to the differently abled.


Our dhurries are hand-woven thread for thread in villages of rural Madhya Pradesh, India. Using a panja, a claw-like metal hand, the weft threads are settled between the taut warp through continuous tapping (see below). Over a dozen fine cotton yarns are bundled together to make the weft of these dhurries ensuring a piece that is structurally firm yet gentle to the touch.


At dhurriewala, we are working towards a paradigmatic shift in how craft production is designed and managed. With a global design vocabulary and a sustainable outlook, the studio nurtures a passion for fine craftsmanship. dhurriewala was founded in 2014 in Bhopal, India by Harshit Singh Kothari.


If you would like to purchase a dhurrie, or enquire about bespoke orders, or subscribe to new designs, drop us a line.